An original beat, “Gone.”  For all the people, places, and moments that pass and become memories.

To be released in January on Listen, Love (Vol. III); find the first two volumes on Bandcamp and more of my music on SoundCloud.

Peace & Love,


a reflection in freewriting

I see time as fleeting; this is one way my view has changed over the last year.  Life is short, but it is also beautiful, so the way for me to enjoy its beauty without fearing its brevity is to immerse myself in this moment with a receptivity and appreciation of love, kindness, and beauty.  These things, really everything in the universe, are endlessly abundant and continuously expanding.  I find this thought to be humbling, but also it is awe-inspiring.  I am captivated by the glory of existence.  My family, my friends (old and new), nature, a growing understanding of the world—all of these things mean something to me.  I can list so much more, but it is not important what I list, for I believe I can find gratitude for everything.  What is important is that I remind myself of this magnificence on a daily basis, and really, on a momentary basis as often as I am aware.  My awareness is inspired by meditation, kind thoughts, loving consciousness, and an overall acceptance.  My actions indeed will influence this awareness.  If I am active in keeping myself “centered,” I will have a greater likelihood of staying here.  Granted, there is no such thing as perfection, or so I believe, because humans are imperfect.  Yet at the same time, we are perfect—I see everything in the universe in some way to be imperfectly perfect.  It really depends entirely on your perspective of things.  Sometimes we lose sight of this universal love, and it is easy to be distracted by worldliness, ungodliness, disconnectedness, whatever you wish to call it.  We are inclined to separate—to make distinctions such as those between nations, races, genders, good and bad, beautiful and ugly, friend and stranger.  These dichotomies are a distraction from the only truth of this universe: all is one.

Beautiful recording… Paul Desmond - “Nancy”

dylanmaida-deactivated20140118 asked
Hey. Send me your soundcloud . I loved that beat you did using Bill evans

Word, glad you enjoyed it :)

My soundcloud is at /romobeats